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Children's Collection

Art Bed Heads and Bean Cushions

Our children's collection of 'art' bed heads and 'bean' cushions is the result of a commission Bo & Jangles received from a National House Builder to open their 'show home' as an 'art gallery'.

Using our latest high tech approach for the children's bedrooms, and more specifically the bed heads, we decided on 'Princess and The Castle', 'Spacemen and The World' and for the 'too small to choose range', we added 'Bubble Babies'.

The talented artist, SiMitchell, translated our designs into the finished concepts.

The high tech manufacturing process allows us to produce art bed heads in sizes to meet individual requirements from 3' widths to 6' widths and the height can vary to balance the width. An unexpected advantage we have found with the process is that if little fingers do find a marker pen their drawings can be left for posterity or wiped clean for their next adventure.

To compliment the range we have produced cotton 'bean cushions' in the Bo & Jangles; SiMitchell fabric ranges titled 'The Princess', 'The Castle', 'The World', and 'The Spaceman' . The 'bean cushions' are light enough for a young person to carry, sufficiently sturdy to use as a seat and sleek enough to fit into spaces which would be overwhelmed by a bean bag.

If you have a design concept you want to turn into reality; talk to us. There is no limit to the images presented on the Bo & Jangles 'art' bed heads. Dare to be different; our design team is on hand to help you with the process.