Le Chocolat Chairs

Vintage Collection
Le Chocolat Diptych Chairs

Bo & Jangles design bespoke furniture to order for our clients. However, there are occasions when we cannot resist re-inventing a vintage classic and breathing new life into a tired but interesting shape.

We could not resist 'Le Chocolat Dipytch Chairs'. When we first saw them they were sitting gracing a fabulous gallery space. The chairs were powder coated in black and close inspection only revealed a few age blemishes. And they had bags of style. We could not resist and purchased. The chairs lay in our office for several days while we mused about what to do with them. We wanted to keep the beautiful wire design which is integral to the chairs and add upholstered comfort. Cushions no matter how cleverly placed masked the wire work.

As you can see we found a solution. We changed the black frame to silver to compliment our chosen fabrics.

We dared to be different and gave the 1920's French chairs another identity. We are always reluctant to part with our vintage finds but of course they could be yours.