The Dog Cushion - Bo & Jangles

Bo & Jangles 'The Dog' Bean Cushion

The image of 'The Dog' is an important part of the history of Bo & Jangles. 'The Dog' is the first image that we worked on with the artist SiMitchell. We were creating the 'The Dog' chairs when we first approached SiMitchell to work with us. The resulting 'Dog' has such personality and comic pathos. Who could resist his facial expression?

'The Dog' is such a groovy design we now offer him as a 'bean cushion'.

The 'bean cushions' are light enough for a young person to carry, sufficiently sturdy to use as a seat and sleek enough to fit into spaces which would be overwhelmed by a bean bag. And we have found it is not only young people who are interested in 'The Dog'. Dog loving adults have also found he fits very neatly into a space and conversation.

'The Dog' is 100% printed cotton and is available as fabric.

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