Tree Art Bed Head

The Tree Art Bed Head

The 'Countryside in the City' Bed Head

Designed by Bo & Jangles; SiMitchell, The Tree Art Bed Head was commissioned by a young, London based couple. Our clients wanted to achieve a contemporary sleek statement for their bedroom and did not want to go down the ubiquitous fabric route for their bed head. The inspiration for the design came from the clients who have a hectic professional life in London but wanted their home to reflect their rural roots.

The result is a deceptively simple, stylish, laminated bed head which we teamed with white linen and a Bo & Jangles SiMitchell Tree Fabric Throw to complete the 'minimalist with warmth' look. The, 'Countryside in the City', bed head has clean, crisp lines and a high tech finish. Style personified for stylish clients who dared to be different.