Unicorn Chairs - The French Style Statement

Vintage Collection
Unicorn Triptych Chairs

Bo & Jangles design bespoke furniture to order for our clients. However, there are occasions when we cannot resist re inventing a vintage classic and breathing new life into a tired but interesting shape.

Our 1920's French chairs were battered when we found them. Their off white, yellowed power coating hung in patches from their bruised frames and the sage green leather seats sprouted padding. But then again their pedigree is French so the triptych still imbued a certain sense of style and so we purchased.

And just look at them now! Ooh, la, la! The black newly powdered coated frame accentuates the curves; the fabric is a contemporary, wet leather look and the overall effect has a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. Daring to be different and unique adds chic and character to the home. And of course they could be yours.